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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 8, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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too comfortable because we got a lot more rain coming. good morning. roberta is saying what? >> no, it's the guys from san francisco who said i think the drive was a little better. [ laughter ] >> not better for you guys? >> it was. >> much better. >> yeah. it was. >> it depends what time you left. i left at 2 a.m. and it was still raining hard with gusty winds but then it just shut down completely about 2:30, 2:45. and then the fog settling into the bay area. so that's going to cause some visibility issues for many of the commuters this morning. >> how was your 12-minute drive? >> i thought it was five. >> not much rain. >> how long does it take? >> 10 minutes. >> i'm about the same coming from oakland. >> my apartment is tiny. it's about 1/10 the size of your home. that's the trade-off of living in the city versus the suburbs. >> the size of a closet. >> he hasn't seen my house. hi, good morning, everybody. live hi-def doppler radar. when you see green on the screen that means you need an
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umbrella. we have lots of rain showers to the north and to the south and pocket of yellow with moderate to heavy downpours now in throughout windsor and santa rosa and cloverdale. tamales you hear the heavy rain. fairfield light rain, vacaville, rio vista junction. there's a swath of precipitation around oakland on highway 13 connecting to 580. we have the rain streaming back to the 580/680 corridor. santa cruz mountains which has already seen half a foot of rain yesterday alone light to moderate rainfall continues in the ben lomond area. right now river levels 33 approaching 34 feet at the russian river near johnson's beach in guerneville. we anticipate it to recede
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later today but it's cresting now. high wind advisory not for today. tomorrow it's going to be very windy again very similar conditions to yesterday. here is the setup. we now have a series of little cold fronts that are going to begin to roll through on thursday. today just some light precipitation here and there mostly right now during the morning hours. lunchtime hit-and-miss scattered showers. breaks afternoon into the evening mostly cloudy skies and then here comes the rain just in time for your morning commute on thursday or an hour or two later than what we experienced yesterday which will get you out the door with advanced warning. so more rain lingering into your friday. then high pressure will nestle back into the area and that will provide us with ample sunshine but we still have up to about 2 inches more rain to record before all is said and done by the weekend. 2.5" across the santa cruz mountains approaching 2 inches
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around the north bay. temperature-wise, boy, it's been feeling balmy, hasn't it? 50s, 60s beaches. 60s around the peninsula. 66 degrees in san jose after seeing a high of 65 degrees yesterday. so a few sunny breaks during the afternoon but this morning you do need that umbrella. north bay numbers from 58 degrees in stinson beach to low 60s around the novato area far reaches of the north bay into the 50s and low 60s. we'll talk about the weekend forecast. that's coming up a little later but right now it's going to be busy on the roads of here's roqui. it's 4:33. yesterday chp logged over 2,000 incidents including potholes, landslides, mudslides, crashes. so now i hope today will be better. let's take a look at the traffic alerts this morning. starting with a pothole, westbound 580 at greenville road this is along the altamont pass. now, we've seen this happen before. and it is pretty ugly. so hopefully they will get this cleared out but i'm not -- it's not looking good for now. chp saying this will take a while. the pothole is large.
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the rebar is showing. that's the metal bar that's holding the street together. so as you can imagine, give yourself time in the altamont pass area. moving now to scotts valley another traffic alert highway 17 only has one lane open in each direction. this is due to a mudslide so we'll have more details as they come up from chp. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. crews are working to clear a massive mudslide in the santa cruz mountains. there was so much damage, they had to call in backup. kpix 5's betty yu shows us the damage. >> reporter: the work is slow and methodical. this monster slide on highway 17 at vine hill road created a mess for drivers. more than 20 feet of mud and rock covered the northbound lanes. it completely shut down the major route between the south bay and santa cruz in both directions for five hours. >> this is the biggest one definitely. there's quite a bit more earth. it's like half the mountainside actually came down into the
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road so it's a big serious slide. >> reporter: a slide hit this suv. debris slid under the car and sent the driver air board to the other lanes. the driver survived. >> with the amount of rain we have had it's very challenging. every time we think we have something stabilized, the amount of rain we experience, it proves otherwise. >> reporter: caltrans workers can't put in permanent solutions until it stops raining. and residents can't do much about this. san lorenzo river crested 8 feet above flood stage into houses. santa cruz county officials sounded a flood warning siren at felton grove alerting them of the danger and sheriffs sent out search-and-rescue teams looking for anyone trapped inside their homes. betty yu, kpix 5. >> caltrans officials say they are waiting for special excavation equipment to try to
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get the hill more stable. the storm is causing problems on the peninsula. this is what it looked like at a mobile home community in redwood city yesterday. heavy rain and water from the high tide created a big mess. authorities say that the area could flood again today. and high tide is expected to return around 10 a.m. crews worked to clear a lot of mud and debris from highway 84 in la honda. the slide closed down both directions of the highway yesterday morning. and authorities worked throughout the day to clear up the hillside. in the north bay, you could see downpours turn the dam into a waterfall. floodwaters went into the dam. water isn't the only worry in the north bay. kpix 5's joe vazquez shows us why mud is putting people on edge. >> reporter: you can see the heavy equipment behind me here. crews are working hard trying to fix part of this hillside that collapsed just above some
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homes. >> kind of scary. >> reporter: it's a disaster in the making a huge chunk of mud and debris gives way sliding halfway down the hill in greenbrae. >> thank god the drought is over. >> reporter: now you have a new problem. >> different problem now. >> reporter: the mudslide is stuck right now but if it continues it could cover the road and smash into at least two homes. officials have ordered them to evacuate as a precaution. the north bay once again took the brunt of this latest bay area storm. kayaks and canoes were a constant in kentfield as corte madera creek rose over its banks and took over part of laurel avenue. >> the water was just, like, coming up our street. >> reporter: marin fire says the creek hit 20 feet well above flood stage. floodwaters got inside about a dozen homes. >> that's a long way from the street and it was probably maybe eight or ten inches deep in that room. >> oh, no! you can see the water in there.
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>> reporter: the napa river overflowed as well which happened every storm this season. how bad was it? >> i lived here for many, many years. and i never seen it like this. >> no, no. this is nothing. i have seen a lot worse. >> reporter: many roads were closed because of high water including the perennially flooded highway 37, but not everybody decided to obey the signs. watch this guy drives right through the flooded road and, of course, he gets stuck smack in the middle. floodwaters pushed his car backwards. somehow, he made it out. what were you thinking? >> i don't know. trying to get home. >> reporter: that was pretty close, you know? >> reporter: back here in greenbrae, these work crews tell me they will continue to remove dirt and skew this hillside before the next storm comes along and could do some serious damage. in greenbrae, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. students in marin and sonoma counties will be heading back to class today but schools
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under the loma prieta school district in los gatos remain closed. a lot of clean-up is under way in san rafael. a family had to watch as a landslide ripped right through the middle of their homes. kpix 5's andria borba reports. >> reporter: this is what is left of john's san rafael home. >> very much a split level in a different way now. >> reporter: there are shingles sitting on the sidewalk and his daughter's bedroom mirror is exposed to the elements. john says the slow-moving slide began with the hillside moving for 90 minutes tearing his home apart piece bay piece. >> the deck blew out. there was a deck over here on the side that you can't see. then the chimney kind of went. >> reporter: firefighters managed to grab a few things from john's home before stretching yellow tape around it. >> there's two pictures of my daughter. there's one of a laundry basket clean clothes from her room that they got out. that's it. everything is still in the house.
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>> reporter: in san rafael's black canyon, hillsides inundated with rain couldn't hold one more drop of water. [ sound of water ] >> reporter: and waterfalls that looked like mini yosemite falls didn't just trickle off the top of the mountain but roared. [ roaring water ] >> reporter: john says he wasn't worried about storms but fire season. >> that had too much growth up there and i had a fire hazard not a slide hazard and i can remember thinking looking at parts of it where there was grass growing and, like, well i don't really like the grass growing there but if it's holding up the hill, i'm not going to take it down. >> reporter: the home next to john's has been red-tagged by the city of san rafael as red mud creeps down the side yard. as for john, wife and two children, they have a place to stay and the support of neighbors. >> people do care. you forget that. but people do. >> reporter: andria borba, kpi x 5. >> authorities are keeping a close eye on flooding in palo alto.
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the san fransesquito creek went over its banks and damaged a few businesses yesterday. officials say it could happen again today. stranded cars and significant clean-up in store at an east bay golf course today because water from a rising creek gushed right through the links. kpix 5's christin ayers shows us why the flooding forced evacuations. >> it's a rapid out there. >> reporter: floodwaters filling this castro valley golf course. heavy rain caused a san leandro creek which runs through the course to swell overwhelming the green. bridges chained to trees on the course ripped apart and sent downstream. a porta-potty submerged. this golfer has never seen anything like it. >> this is just unreal. this is -- i -- i can't believe it. it looks like a river. you can't tell it's a golf course. >> reporter: the course had already flooded slightly after storms last week. the flooding was so bad that the general manager of the golf course said police were forced to evacuate 22 people from a luncheon at the meadows restaurant here. >> we had to make the decision to close the road and we had to
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get them out of there. >> reporter: employees here said it's not unusual to have some amount of flooding on this side of the golf course, although certainly not to that extent. what is unusual is this, the water spreading all the way across the entrance road here. that is ultimately what forced the evacuation here along with how quickly the current was moving. >> being here almost 17 years, i have never seen the road flooded. >> reporter: lieutenant allen love says the visitors at the luncheon had to be driven out in suvs, their own vehicles still stranded in the restaurant parking lot. employees say with rain still in the forecast, it's a waiting game now. >> we are hoping that thursday, there's not as bad as they're calling for. >> reporter: in castro valley, christin ayers, kpix 5. [ music ] time now 4:42. 100 years ago much of the state was under 10 feet of water. are we actually overdue for a historic megaflood in the bay area? the answer next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california had 40-days of non-stop rain. most of the state.. was nearly t underwater. only
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if we you this these storms are bad, it could be worse. one time california had 40 days of rain with most of the state under 10 feet of water. only on "5" paul deanno says we are overdue for another big flood. >> reporter: california is out of the drought. atmospheric rivers fueled by tropical waters have pounded the bay area with rain. but this is nothing new. over 100 years ago, we were in the same boat. literally. >> you couldn't walk around the street. it was just people scrambling with row boating and houses and everything floating away. >> reporter: 1862, leland stanford was the 8th governor but wouldn't start his term in sacramento because california's capital city along with much of the state was 10 feet under
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water, devastated by 40 days of continuous rain. it was a catastrophe. >> reporter: multiple atmospheric rivers hit california again and again. >> these things can carry up to 10 mississippi's worth of water vapor from the topics like a firehose. >> reporter: and we have had several of those firehoses this winter tremendous amounts of rainfall and flooding. if all our water year of rainfall is represented by this one jug of water, you would need four to represent all the rain that fell back in 1862. so the question is, could it happen again? the answer, yes. geographic data says california will have a megaflood about every one to two hundred years. so we're overdue, long overdue. >> in the san francisco brauer, there are over 350,000 people that live in the 100 year floodplain and i'm sure the vast majority of them don't realize that they're living in an area that's at risk. >> reporter: losses could be over $700 billion leaving
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millions homeless. coastal flooding could crumble the outdated levees leaving safe travel and clean water a distant memory. if you think it's not going to happen, ask this man. >> being from louisiana, i know personally how how much new orleans has changed since katrina because people have left and it's come back, but it's not exactly the same. and we do risk that here in silicon valley. if you look at what that risk here is, it's not just the infrastructure. it's also our high-tech businesses. >> reporter: the good news, projects like salt pond restoration are in the works to protect the bay. it's a start but a megaflood would still be devastating. >> the damages from loma prieta earthquake were about $11 billion. so that's the order of magnitude of impact we're talking about from one of these floods. ♪[ music ] >> wow. so we're overdue for a major earthquake, we're overdue for a megaflood. what's going on? >> we're paying the highest rates in the country to live here. >> wow. >> kind of like gambling. right? i have so many people
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especially in the grocery store they stop me and say, is this el nino now? were you guys a year off? but boy, you know, what do you say, mm-hm! no, this is the atmospheric river. good morning, everybody. this is our live hi-def doppler radar picking up the heaviest rain right there again this morning anywhere from hidden valley lake around highway 29 gathering up to 128 into saint helena pouring in santa rosa along highway 12 for your morning commute. hit-and-miss scattered showers moderate to heavy around the north bay just some light to moderate rainfall out of 680 out of tassajara into san ramon. we have light rain showers now around 880 out of milpitas. as you head into the silicon valley this morning, alum rock and alviso with light to moderate rainfall. and the santa cruz mountains,
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yes, it's still raining there. it's been raining there for 36 hours straight. we have a flood warning in effect this morning for the napa river at saint helena and napa. russian river at guerneville i have been taking a look at the readings there. we are approaching 34 feet. flood stage is 32. so we anticipate that cresting this morning. currently our temperatures across the board into the 50s and 60s. very mild. the difference between this morning and 24 hours ago, we still have the mugginess, but the winds have lightened up substantially. that's why it's not that bad over the highest elevations of our bay bridges this morning. this morning, winds are pretty much ... under 10 miles an hour. calm in napa and fairfield. we'll have showers and patchy dense fog. we'll see more rain this afternoon and breezy conditionsance winds pick up out of the south 10 to 20. this weekend, we'll have have bright sunshine. right now a little bit of atmospheric river conditions like that firehose effect working into the bay area and
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then we have different impulses and copious amounts of rain thursday. here's your wednesday afternoon. hit-and-miss scattered showers. we forge ahead overnight to thursday. there's your morning commute 5 a.m. here we go sliding through about 8, 9 a.m. that front lingers so most of the day will rain with gusty winds. we'll tack on two more inches of rain throughout most areas. more mudslides, the potential of downed trees and power lines. today's temperatures, very mild into the 60s. your extended forecast, there you have it, sunny skies over the weekend. here's roqui with traffic. thank you, roberta. okay. it's 4:50. we have a problem in south bay the east bay and the north bay. so let's start here in the south bay for scotts valley area, between granite creek road and vine hill road this is the chp traffic alert on
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highway 17 there's only one lane open in each direction. the northbound side was wiped out by a mudslide. so chp has one lane on the southbound side for southbound and one lane on the southbound for northbound traffic so you're getting through but expect delays and mudslides so it's messy out there now. the estimated time for re- opening for scotts valley is 3 p.m. according to chp. they just issued that report, as well. here's a look at the traffic alert on the altamont pass heavy traffic along the way due to some potholes. these are large. the rebar is showing. they are going to take a while to fix it. westbound 580 at greenville road so give yourself some extra time to get through altamont pass. san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, you're looking good there. and the same story across the span of the bay bridge. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. losing weight takes commitment so finding that
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motivation first is a must. now a new high-tech scanner is getting people all the details they need to stay determined. wendy gillette shows us how it works. >> reporter: musical theater actress sarah has struggled with weight and wants to make changes to her body. >> i'm in a career path where it's all about how you look. >> reporter: a few months ago, she came to temple gym in new york city to see if a new high- tech approach could help. >> do your best impression of a mannequin. >> reporter: dozens of high-end fitness centers around the country are offering a 3d scanning technology. a special camera takes hundreds of body measurements from muscle to where you're storing fat. the scanner creates a 3d model of the person's body in less than a minute. >> get the arms straight. >> reporter: clients here are also undergoing a second body scan and fill out an extensive health survey. >> then it's how to exercise, eat, possibly supplement, in order to correct what's going
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on with the metabolism. >> reporter: with a click you can get a sense of how the program is working with these extremely detailed before and after images. >> my first picture. [ laughter ] >> noticeable changes helped keep sarah motivated. >> this is an overhead view of her waist in october and this is an overhead view of her waist today jews the number on the scale but the number on the scale doesn't break down how much of that is muscle, how much is water weight, how much of that is body fat. >> reporter: in about four months she lost 30 pounds and gained 3 pounds of muscle. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. time now 4:53. a little boy searching for birthday supplies on amazon stumbled on something he shouldn't be seeing and why his mother is asking for an apology. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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batman decorations - and the results turned up: adult toys. donna "mc- a woman in florida is asking for an apology after her 6-year-old son did a search and went to adult toys. don't in a mccormack says her child was find to find a cake topper for his birthday party. he hit the microphone button on the app. right after he said realistic adult "toys" popped up. she was horrified he was exposed to them and now she wants amazon to make some changes. >> i don't want to see the content either so it should be like a page, something that says, um, you're about to see something, some kind of warning maybe a math problem, something that a 5-year-old that cannot even read wouldn't be accessing. >> in a statement, amazon maintains if you are under 18, you may use the amazon services only with involvement of a parent or guardian. general motors sold a record 10 million cars last year. that's the highest volume it
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has achieved in more than 100 years of operation. the company posted a profit of $12.5 billion last year. just 7 years ago, gm declared bankruptcy and was bailed out by the federal government. gm by the way is the third largest automaker in the world behind volkswagen and toyota. from zero to 60, tesla's model s is officially the world's fastest car. motor trend put the car to the test with electric engines, it jumped from a dead stop to 60 miles an hour in 2.28 seconds. that's faster than any other street legal car including ferraris, lamborghini, bugatti and any other exotic cars that you can name. it is 4:57. the approval process for president trump's cabinet nominees gets more heated. one senator silenced. the drama unfolding on the senate floor this morning. >> reporter: a warning to driver's this morning. a major highway shut down because of a monster mudslide. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm kenny choi. let's get a look at weather and morning. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, february 8. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's head outside take a look at the conditions this morning on a wednesday morning. a live look at the bay bridge. we are going to get a little bit of a break from all that heavy rain but don't get too comfortable, right? because punxsutawney phil predicted six more weeks of winter and here that means more rain. >> i listen to roberta more than punxsutawney phil. >> 50/50. >> thank you. he is comparing me to a rodent. [ laughter ] >> thank you. good morning, we have some heavy rain in the northern portion of the bay area. it's live. it's hi-def doppler radar. see all that yellow? that means moderate to heavy rainfall in the northern portion of the bay area. saint helena along highway 128 for your morning commute as you take a jog into yountville and into napa, we have pockets of moderate to heavy rain. when you e


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